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Boutique Handbag for Minority 'Harrian' New York Professional CD Joining, Simultaneous Launching

POSTED BY 관리자 | 2018-11-12 | HIT : 521

Good news for the new year's handbag market.

Newly launched brand new handbag 'Harry', which is a talented CD of Christopher Belt of New York, USA, will be launched simultaneously in Korea, China and US markets. 15 years textile design R & D business

Harry Textile (CEO Kim Hyungil) is the main character.

Kim Hyungil, the company 's first textile company, left the company, and in 2002, he founded Jiin and Harry Textile. Revenues from 800 million won in the first year rose to 13 billion won last year, and accounts from UK and Australia accounts for 80% of sales, including River Island and Max and Spencer. That's why he challenged his handbag business with his English name, Harry.

Kim said, "In fact, all of our acquaintances did not go out of business, but it was difficult. I believe that skills are more important than environment. "

'Harry' opens the launching party in New York this month.


Ten years ago, Kim collaborated with Dutch textile designers to develop fabrics. There are 400 kinds of fabrics that have been developed over the years, and 22,000 cumulative development samples and 40 of them have become the best sellers.

"I want to raise it as a brand for the few who understand Harry's brand color and atmosphere.

The design-house brand with a strong brand identity will attract the next generation. "

There is no compromise in product philosophy, but operation is very flexible. Most of the non-business affairs will be outsourced, and distribution will be on and offline.

Kim said, "Ten years later, Harry will be a boutique brand with a fascinating story. (May 1, 2018, Apparel News)


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