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Harriet Style Enters Handbag 'Harrian' Market

POSTED BY 관리자 | 2018-11-12 | HIT : 155

HARRIAN, a handbag brand, has launched an SS marketing campaign in Korea along with launching event at COEX, Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul on the 21st. Harrien, a fashion brand based in New York City, started in 2014 at a small boutique in Manhattan.

The brand business started on Jan. 19 at the Penthouse of Kimpton Hotel in New York with launching party. Harrien was launched by Harrikim, the head designer of the New York Handbag Design Awards, three-time winner of the IHDA. In Korea, word of mouth has been spreading among famous fashion bloggers since early January, raising expectations.

South Korea introduced SSC on the 21st. Starting with the greeting of Kim Hyung-il, Harrien held a fashion show to announce the 2018SS collection in earnest. Afterwards, group Shine, an electronic music group, performed a congratulatory performance for customers. The fashion show showcased products that reflect practical and sour fashion culture, architecture and exhibition art motifs in the design. The fashion show showcased "Herian" products whose models have been reinterpreted as unicorn identity through performance.

Harriens, a fashion brand based on the "Upper Blockshire" that mainly targets 23 to 35 generations and reflects consumer trends that respect individuality regardless of age. The product consists of a Christopher Signature line aimed at the maniacs and an assortment of affordable, uncluttered designs.

Harrien plans to target consumers with quality products. It increases level of perfection of design through 3D printing. Its strategy is to select Italian materials and high quality materials in Korea and increase quality by making products made by domestic leather craftsmen. In particular, the company plans to cooperate with the artisan who supports the development of new designer products and fashion products.

Starting with the opening of its direct business in February, it is going to sell its products through online stores at the department store. It is planning to enter South Korea's online mall in the second half of this year and expand into global online malls in next year. It is planning to expand its market to department stores and duty free shops by offline expansion and entering foreign markets next year.

"Herian started from the start to develop its brand by respecting its individual identity to consumers," said CEO Kim Hyung-il. "We are going to make products that communicate and empathize with customers and people who refuse to generalize and seek their own personality," he said. In particular, the company aims to grow its brand by sharing values with artisans and artisans. (Korea Textile Newspaper)

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