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Handbag 'Harry' Art Collaboration with Container Solbi / Nostalgia

POSTED BY 관리자 | 2018-11-12 | HIT : 274

Participation in the Myeongdong International Art Festival


Harley Textile (CEO Hyung Il Kim) launched this year 's contemporary fashion brand' HARRIAN 'in the United States, focusing its attention on bold art collaboration.


The company sponsored the Myeongdong International Art Festival held at Myeongdong L7 Hotel and actively collaborated with the artist until the 10th.


The Myeongdong International Art Festival held a total of 16 room booths with more than 100 artists, and Harryon opened a total of two collaboration room booths including 'Sorbian × Harryn' and 'Sincheon × Harryn'. He also participated as a corporate sponsor of the festival.


This company was the first to show up at the 6th Myeongdong International Art Festival, with Solbi (Myung Kwon Ji-an) and Art Collabo, aka art tasters, as a broadcaster and painter.


Harry Textile completed the painting on the theme of "Deviation" on the leather used in making Harry's bag. In these works, the representative collection of 'Harry', the Empire and the Thick Talk Handbag, were placed. On the paintings of the center of Solbi 's downtown, I placed a small bag of handbags and accessories poured out of the ladies' bags and disturbed me.


She has curried the works of Silla Chul, who has a reputation for her nostalgia works, as well as a work of pure personality with a touch of pure personality and an object of sea, symbolizing the sea, Chery Night of Harry's, Gayle Force, and Velocity Collection . In particular, the artist's artwork and 'Harry's' handbag were sold in the exhibition hall for 40 ~ 600 thousand won.


Kim Hyung-il, CEO of the company, said, "Harry is a new handbag that not only captures marketing and brand recognition for customers who are interested in art, but also works with art-tecture : art + architecture) to strengthen the identity of the exhibition said.


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